Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Hawaii Of Malaysia

Old Cherating Village combines the elements of old and modern. Along the road of about 1 km to the beach the view is filled with rows of cute and comfortable chalets, with affordable price.
Cherating offers a combination of ocean wave rolls hit the beach, beaches, a variety of accommodations, dining options and entertainment activities for the special night surfers.
That is why it is called the Hawaii of Malaysia. Surfers spend a few days or a few months here to take advantage of the presence of a great ocean waves and relax with other browser while exchanging stories about their surfing experience at one of the bistro or bar that can be found along the beach.
In fact, the old Cherating Village has been dubbed the 'Surfers Paradise' since the 70s.
Each year, surfers from all over the world return to Cherating to try and stop the waves here to visit their local counterparts. Cherating beach is very clean and charming. Popular resorts in the world such as Club Med has built its Asian first resort in Cherating.
Surfers who frequent visiting here are also taking advantage of wandering around the charming villages along the coast,seing local villagers and fishermen while enjoying the breathtaking views.

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