Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Travel To Batu Feringghi

Batu Ferringhi, the most popular beach on the Island Pinang. Every time weekends or school holidays, the beach is more lively with the presence of so many tourists in the country or from the outside.
It is located not far from the town of Georgetown, about 30 minutes if driving from Georgetown to Batu Ferringhi. The clean beaches are very beautiful and very appropriate for your family to picnic, swim and bathe. Other activities such as kayaking, water skiing and jet skiing all you can do here. For those who love sports, they can attempt a parachute glide (parasailing) to enjoy the beach from the air.
This beach is well equipped with all amenities such as restaurants, souvenir shops, shops selling batik clothing, car rental and hotel services.
Although the hotels are built around the beaches of Batu Feringghi very luxurious five-star, you do not have to be worried if you intend to stay here because you can choose to stay at a 3 Star Hotel near the beach, which is in the Gulf Heat and Tanjung Bungah.
What is special, most restaurants are located along the Batu Ferringhi beach offers a variety of local and international dishes. For example, there are Italy, Arabic, Thai, Chinese and Indians restaurants which open in the afternoon until late evening.
However you can still enjoy the local menu because there are several small shops in the vicinity of this beach.
When the sun sets, the atmosphere panorama is more lively. Batu Feringgi will be live with open bazaar, which sells a variety of attractive decorations, clothing and souvenirs to take home.

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